From 2016 customers' attention has moved to the mobile phone!


Owners of phones and tablets connected to the internet


Time allocated to mobile applications vs. browsing the internet

240 minutes

Daily time spent on the phone

Ready in 48 hours, or else is free

Step 1 - Providing App Data

  • Provide logos, menu, pictures, movies and information to complete the content of the app.
  • Signing the service contract and paying the initial setup fee.

Step 2 - Finalizing the App

  • Update the information in the application to meet the specifications.
  • Access the mobile application management panel online. (including 3hours of online training).
  • Providing marketing materials to promote the application.
  • Payment of the subscription for the first month and start of the contract.

Step 3 - Publishing the App (max. 5 days)

Publish your app in the App Store and on Google Play

Start running the app:

  • Promoting the application both online and offline.
  • Regular updates
  • Instant messages to users.
  • Add events.
  • Create promotions.

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