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At AlphaTech, we know that greatness in a disruptive era requires crazy vision, bold ambition, diverse talent and a culture that believes we’re smarter together.
We're disruptors. Visionaries. Fire starters. Provocateurs. We rock the boat. We cross the line. We make it rain.
AlphaTech Team - Lorin Morar

Lorin Morar

With over thirthy years of software development experience, Lorin has extensive background in full-cycle product development. The privilege of working in multiple industries (health care, travel, financial systems, oil and gas, wireless applications, gaming, insurance, mobile apps), with a wide variety of tools and technologies has provided him with a unique perspective on software architecture, design and development. Lorin Morar is the creator of ke, a powerful web CMS, and the founder of AlphaTech.

AlphaTech Team - Tania Haws

Tania Haws

With 20 years of experience in the field, Tania Haws has managed to create the most exquisite vacation packages integrating the best deals across the Galapagos Islands cruises and Ecuador mainland tours, to offer her clients the freshest, fastest services available with the most competitive prices. A graduate from the International University of San Francisco, majoring in finance, Miss Haws has also studied SEO in Atlanta and speaks English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and little French. Her aspirations shifted entirely after discovering her love for travel. She's been to some of the most exotic of places; Niagara Falls, The Red Sea, Machu Pichu, Costa Rica, Roatan, El Angel waterfalls and needless to say the Galapagos Islands are some of her favourites, which eventually lead her to expand her family business at 21 years old. Miss Haws's work ethic has proven to be a major factor contributing to her success; exercising a genuine and attentive approach to her clients, while taking it upon herself to tailor every aspect of her clients' vacations according to their specific needs and general demands. Now 20 years later, Tania Haws is one of the most popular amongst the Galapagos Islands touring industry.

AlphaTech Team - Mihai Purel

Mihai Purel

Always look up! Aim high? Yes. Look at the great minds of this world and learn? Yes. Take what you have learned or heard and use? Yes. Do all these on a bike? Let’s give him a task...Mihai has studied Computer Science at the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca. He is passionate about technology, always trying to improve his web-developing skills. As a programmer his areas of expertise include JavaScript, C++, Java, Python and ke. While not at his desk, Mihai likes to read, loves riding his bike and playing sports.

AlphaTech Team - Bogdan Filip

Bogdan Filip

His instincts for photography seems to find itself at home in his approach to programming. Be it C++, Java or Android, you have to think first about the angle. Hence, the dreamy expression while staring at the code.

AlphaTech Team - Dorina Abrudan

Dorina Abrudan

Dorina is a graduate of Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca Masters Program in Interactive Multi-Media, passionate about books, design and traveling. Using her skills and creativity is a reliable member of our team who’s work is noticeable on most of our sites. She accepted the challenge to learn about many new domains in which our team designed websites. And she is loving it!

AlphaTech Team - Valer Tarta

Valer Tarta

Valer has studied the Law at the Spiru Haret University of Cluj-Napoca. He is passionate about all it is linked to media, photography and video production and editing. Thanks to his attention to details and perseverance he is a valuable part of our team. He is responsible for Data entry, Resource editing, and Maintenance. The work he is in charge with will always be done thoroughly and nothing less than perfect will pass him.

AlphaTech Team - Cristian Purel

Cristian Purel

The quiet life of books and theory has shifted toward the everchanging river of technology. Some white water rafting? Yes on the river of IT. Cristi has graduated the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca. He left the world of Marketing to pursue his love of technology and quickly acquired an increasing interest for web development. Passionate about books and advertising, he is an important part of the team because of his perseverance and excellence in HTML, HTML5, CSS3 and ke. He accepted the challenge to constantly improve his skills in domains that he thinks are the future.

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