AlphaTech is a software that provides you the ability to create your own customized app in as little as 30 minutes.

We deliver state of the art cloud platforms that are for data and process management. You will find AlphaTech to be secure, extensible, interoperable, secure and most importantly easy to manage.

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AlphaTech has all the interfaces your business needs to succeed.

AlphaTech is designed to making/managing your projects extremely fast and simple. There are many ways to configure. Make changes and the rest is taken care.

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Looks great in any device

AlphaPortal is the core of our solutions for online businesses. It provides an easy to use platform that manages mobile apps, an extensive API for custom development, with over 40 ready to use modules.

AlphaTech’s mission is to make the creation and management of mobile apps an easy job. This is why we developed the AlphaPortal as a set of modular cloud-based services that allows you to design anything from simple to complex applications.

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