White Label Resellers

Starter Plan Pricing
$ 500 /mo
Includes 10 Premium Apps
Consulting Plan Pricing
$ 1000 /mo
Includes 25 Premium Apps
Agency Plan Pricing
$ 3000 /mo
Includes 100 Premium Apps
Additional premium license cost $60 a month per license or $500 a month for 10 Premium Apps
No additional hidden fees

No additional hidden fees

Full payment flexibility

Full payment flexibility

Affordable at every level

Affordable at every level

Support that goes the distance

Support that goes the distance

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become a Reseller without any apps?

Yes, you can become a Reseller at any time. You don't need to have any active published apps.

Can I add my one app that is already live, to the Reseller package?

Yes, you can add your existing apps to the bundle, we will cancel your individual subscription in the process.
Please note that we don't issue refunds for the existing subscriptions that are cancelled.

Where is the data hosted and how secure is it?

AlphaApp is hosted on Azure in the United States. You can also choose to feed your apps with your own feeds (from your own locations).

When we submit our app, will we use our own Developer account(s)?

Yes, you have to assign your own (or your customers) developer license for each app you publish.

White Label Client CMS Overview

With the White Label Client CMS resellers can let their clients manage part of the app content through a white label CMS.

The White Label Client CMS offers the following functionality:

  • edit the content blocks of their app
  • send pushmessages
  • see the analytics data for the app

Your clients will not be able to:

  • add new blocks
  • change the design
  • change the homescreen

White label means:

  • accessible via your own website URL;
  • with your own logo;
  • with your own color settings;
  • NO connection to AlphaTech

How it works

  1. Create a custom domain and set CNAME in DNS server;
  2. Configure your Client CMS on our site;
  3. Change the color settings to give the CMS your own look & feel;
  4. Create an account for your client per app;
  5. Send your clients login-information: URL, app name, email address and password;
  6. Clients modify the content of the app, send pushmessages or see the analytics, depending on the roles you have given the client.
iOS Developer Account for clients

Why does my client have to register their own developer license?

Apple’s updated guidelines state that apps have to be submitted directly by the provider of the app’s content using their own iOS Developer Account. If the app and the developer account do not match, Apple will potentially reject the app. Therefore the owner of the app, in this case your client, should also be the owner of the iOS Developer license.

Now that my client has their own developer license, what type of emails can they expect from Apple?

  • Updates regarding newly submitted apps
  • Status changes of submission: In review, developer rejected, rejected (includes reason of rejection)
  • Emails will most likely be sent from: no_reply@email.apple.com

What types of developer accounts can my client create?

  • Individual
  • Company

For more information read the following article.

Is the email correspondence from Apple white label?

Yes, emails sent from Apple do not contain any references to AlphaTech.

Can a client find any AlphaTech references on either https://itunesconnect.apple.com or https://developer.apple.com/account/?

No, clients will not be able to find any references to AlphaTech.

Can I prevent my client from receiving correspondence from Apple regarding app submissions?

No, the email address used to register the iOS Developer Account will also be used for app status updates within iTunes Connect, and certificate related notifications within the Apple Developer Portal.

Is there a workaround?

No, the owner of the iOS Developer account will always email notifications from Apple regarding the status of their apps and certificates.

What if my client receives a 4.2.6 rejection and notices the app is built with a platform/templated service?

Even custom built apps can get rejected based on the 4.2.6 guideline. If a developer builds an app from scratch and reuses blocks of code, Apple may already see this as a valid reason to reject the app.

Still have doubts?

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