AlphaAccess - Steps for Setting Up a Community

AlphaAccess is all about usability, so setting up a community is an easy process. You need to follow these four easy steps and you will be ready to go.

1. Choose the name that you want for the community so the web link can be created.
Setting up AlphaAccess - Step 1
2. Provide a '.csv' file with the owners and the residents, address, phone number, email address. This file will be upload in the DB for the community.

You can add the info for the residents cars, install a transponder on the car, grant access to the cars automatically at the gates.

Setting up AlphaAccess - Manage Residents cars
You can opt for managing the residents gates as well.

Setting up AlphaAccess - Manage Residents gates
Another feature that you can use is Document sharing. The resident can upload documents that the administrator can see and use.

Setting up AlphaAccess - Document sharing
3. Choose what pages you want in the mobile app and provide content accordingly. Choose the color scheme for the application and the web portal.
4. Install at the gate the Android apk for QR Code scanning that we will provide.

For the phone box we suggest this:

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