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Did you know that treasure hunts are an extremely effective way of engaging your customers? Far from being a last minute craze concocted by mobile app developers, there are serious business opportunities related to scavenger or treasure hunts. And now you can have your own business app with a treasure hunt feature included!

Take the innovative way rock 'n' roll violinist David Garrett decided to promote his music: participants have to search for unique trackable items in the form of 2"x2" metal tags on keychains hidden across the US and Germany. Once a fan found a tag, they entered the code inscribed on it on Garrett’s Facebook page to log its movements before hiding it at a new location for someone else to find. And, of course, in addition of the sheer fun of tracking these tags down, there were prizes.

Scavenger and treasure hunting games simply exploded with the advent of GPS enabled phones. One of the best known examples is SCVNGR, where users check in at locations, and gain points by completing little tasks and challenges that are associated with that location. Points that you earn using SCVNGR are then translated into loyalty rewards, where you can get a discount, or a free item at a venue which is plugged into the SCVNGR system. Even a cursory search on the internet will show you how massive this concept become. Just as an example check this short youtube video showing Chevrolet Canada teaming up with mobile game playing app SCVNGR:

Since Alphatech is always striving to be at the forefront of mobile marketing innovation, our app building platform could not miss incorporating this versatile marketing tool among our list of app features - the Treasure Hunt! Restaurants, tourism, events - you name it! - can all introduce a new layer of fun for their customers while at the same time promoting their business.

Our mobile app feature allows you to organize and manage Treasure Hunts effortlessly. We designed this feature to allow businesses to organize and manage Treasure Hunts with minimal resources and effort. Just define the time period for the hunt, the number of clues participants have to find, print out the unique QR-codes our feature will automatically generate for each step, post them throughout the area of the hunt (e.g. your store) and decide the prize or prizes you want to offer. That’s it; now relax and enjoy the smiles you will bring up on your customer’s faces!

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