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Nowadays we hear more and more about the shop local trend. This represents the act of everyday consumers, making the decision to buy items from a local business, to spend the money locally, to eat in local restaurants and to enjoy the original places near them. All these prove that they love where they live and support the local small businesses.

"When you invest money in your local economy, you’re not just helping local business owners – you’re also helping yourself. You’re making your town a better place to live in, with a rich character, thriving economy, and tightly knit community. And the more local businesses prosper, the more new ones will open, making it even easier to continue shopping locally in the future.
Which local businesses do you visit regularly? What types of businesses does your town lack that you wish it had?" MoneyCrashers

Support small businesses by shopping local © AlphaTech
Support small businesses by shopping local © AlphaTech

Shop local businesses

Small businesses are the heart of the economy. Let’s keep them going strong by shopping local. This is more than a trend! This is the chance to support our community and celebrate its uniqueness, to create local jobs and keep more money in the local economy, to invest in entrepreneurship and conserve the tax dollars.

Each small business has a story behind it. It all started from someone’s dream and passion and developed with love and hard work into something that offers you the product of their talent. No matter the form, the result is something created with love especially for someone like you. Stop at the bakery in the corner of your street, smell the flowers in the beautiful arrangement you got from your friend, enjoy the street art exhibition of local artists, order from your favorite restaurant in town, tell other about the kitchen objects done by the carpenter you just visited, give jewelries created by the young artist you discovered online... and always think about the story behind each of these objects.

Please remember that every time you visit an independent local business you also:

  • Keep more money in the local economy
  • Help the local environment
  • Discover valuable people around you
  • Encourage the local community
  • Invest in local entrepreneurs
  • Celebrate the uniqueness of your community
  • Develop the local community for the future

AlphaTech supports local businesses

At AlphaTech, we believe that, as consumers we can enjoy, share about, and support small businesses in our area. We support the local businesses that are sustained with passion by our neighbors and friends!

This is why we invested our time in developing a platform that will help the local restaurants to survive, and even flourish in these complicated times. Because we want to have them for a long time and grow a strong community around them!

The complete solution for restaurants

AlphaTech developed AlphaCommerce platform that aims to solve the challenges the restaurants’ managers have to face. This is designed to be the right answer for any local restaurant! Keep up with the challenges, attract more customers to your restaurant and increase your sales by creating a mobile app for your restaurant, cafe, or bakery using AlphaCommerce.

Complete solution for restaurants © AlphaTech
Complete solution for restaurants © AlphaTech

We realise that owning a small local restaurant when the economy is tough takes creativity and ingenuity. AlphaCommerce is the complete solution for a restaurant to provide the best service for its customers. We give you branded mobile applications for Android and iOS, mobile-friendly website order and quite a few other gadgets, as well as a full-service offer. We’ll manage everything you need for the platform: add and update menu items, update different types of content, schedule special offers and discounts, send push notifications, help you with marketing materials for the mobile apps and many others.

Mobile applications without a single line of code © AlphaTech
Mobile applications without a single line of code © AlphaTech

To find out more about it visit please visit AlphaCommerce or contact us at or (888) 755-4575.

Support the local economy and keep your money in your hometown by shopping local!


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