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Deloitte publishes 2015 Global Mobile Consumer Survey. Cover screenshot

Deloitte’s reports are worth reading and keeping track of. The recent 2015 Global Mobile Consumer Survey is a case in point; covering 6 continents, 31 countries, and nearly 50,000 respondents, it’s data should allow some solid ground on mobile trends. We recommend you follow the link provided to read it from the source; in the meantime, here are some highlights:

Smartphone adoption and use hasn’t yet reached saturation point, while wearables are still at the beginning of their adoption cycle. Around 70% of respondents claim to have permanent access to smartphones: by the far the most accessible device. Checking the smartphone within 3 hours of waking reaches almost 100% in the 18 to 24 segment.

Access to smartphones is still on the rise, according to Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey

Interestingly, the activity that correlates the most with smartphone usage is shopping: 92% report using it. While, presumably, people check news, read books and exchange messages on public transport or while watching TV, the same is cannot be reasonably argued for shopping. The good news for businesses that invested in mobile marketing is that people really do check shopping information while shopping to help them make up their minds.

Smartphone usage during various activities; according to Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey

Mobile Payments on the rise, according to Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey

Deloitte reports a more than threefold increase in mobile payment adoption in comparison with the previous year. Combine with the smartphone usage during shopping and you can safely project another jump in mPayments for the next year.

The top reason for not making an in-store payment is related to a perceived lack of security (50%), but it’s not clear if this is not really a shorthand for "I don’t know but I have an intuition this is not safe". After all, the age group that is generally more informed about smartphone technologies report significantly higher adoption rates for mobile payments: 31% of 18-to-24-year olds and 36 % of 25-to-34-year olds.

When asked what would they potentially pay for with their mobile phone, those that report not using mobile payment options, list a number of services, as can be seen on the next image. Paying for parking, gas, coffee or fast food are listed by almost a fifth of their respondents. While this could reflect familiarity with mobile payments as presented in the media, the fact that 16% mention groceries and 10% shopping in general should be seen as underdeveloped areas.

Attractive mobile payment options as seen by people that never used them; according to Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey

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