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AppzBizz E-commerce and Order Management: the latest modules to become available on our app building platform

The AppzBizz mobile app building platform is pleased to announce the launch of E-commerce and Order Management modules.

While it is true that prior to this month we were able to offer our customers apps that integrated e-commerce and order management, to do so took considerable time and effort because the functionalities had to be coded by a team of app developers.

Now anyone can build a functional business app incorporating e-commerce and order management by simply logging on our versatile AppzBizz platform. All it takes is a a few clicks and you can build up your own customized app.

AppzBizz E-commerce is up and running

What does it take to incorporate the E-commerce module into your app? One click!

All a business owner has to do is to log in on our platform, examine the AppzBizz Library (the list of available features) and click on the E-commerce icon to change its setting to "default".

Adding E-commerce to any business app on our platform is just one click away

Adding or editing products to your E-commerce enabled app is streamlined process that optimized for speed and usability.

AppzBizz E-commerce: Adding, editing or deleting products is a streamlined process

Once the products are up, the users of this app will be able immediately able to order them. Let’s explore how this would work when ordering food from a sushi restaurant app.

  • the app user selects a category of products
  • scrolls through the list
  • adds products to the shopping cart by tapping
  • specifies the quantity for each chosen product
  • chooses a suitable delivery option
  • chooses a payment option

E-commerce module functionalities in a restaurant app: adding products to a shopping cart

E-commerce module functionalities in a restaurant app: pick-up and payment options

Obviously, both the customer and the app owner or administrator get confirmation that the order is placed. While the customer waits for his order to be delivered, let’s see what’s going on inside the Order Management module.

AppzBizz order management module

The Order Management toolset requires a separate login to allow app owners more flexibility: they can grant access to someone else to take care of the day to day order management operations without compromising the security of their account.

Order Management Toolset on AppzBizz platform: granting different levels of access to your app’s e-commerce & order management module

We ensured that any e-commerce apps built on our platform has a versatile order management system that is capable of offering a full spectrum of options for virtually any type of e-commerce application.

Order Management Toolset on AppzBizz platform: a comprehensive set of options to empower your mobile business

Last, but not least, the app owner can analyze or export the app’s customer list. In a smart economy that relies more and more on data analysis, data pattern, the ability to have easy access to your own business database can be of inestimable value.

Order Management Toolset on AppzBizz platform: examining various categories of information pertaining to your app’s list of customers

As you can see, Appzbizz is all about customer satisfaction: we give businesses the features they need!

Download our demo app for iOS or Android.


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