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You are a business owner: you come up with a business idea. And then you made it work. It does prove you have good instincts - at least for the niche you are operating in - and it does mean you understood your customers. To continue to understand your customers you need more than instincts; you need actionable marketing intelligence!

The problem: quick, affordable and actionable market intelligence

For, not matter how good your instincts are and not matter how good your capacity to empathize with your customer base, you need to take into account that today’s economic environment is extremely fast-paced. In no small degree this can be traced to the unprecedented customer mobility and unprecedented access to (and demand for) information. It is a statement of fact that customer opinions veer suddenly not only in politics, but in the business sphere as well. What worked last year may prove an untenable practice today.

Big companies hire professionals to devise and implement surveys and then analyze data; in short, do marketing research on a regular basis. Unfortunately, if you are a small to medium company you may not have the resources to afford the cost. Does it mean you have to rely on your instincts and "smell" changes in the air? Double good news: listen to your instincts, by all means; but at the same time, do some basic marketing research on your own at negligible cost.

Solution: tap into your mobile app’s survey feature!

Surveys have proven again and again to be simple yet powerful tools for market analysis. No wonder surveys have become quite common in the online world and increasingly so on mobile apps. A well designed survey feature provides many advantages.

Age or gender are important indicators to gather but you should but also likes and dislikes. The more you can understand about who your customers are, the easier it will be able to create something that they love to use.

Customer engagement
It shows your customers their opinions matter. By engaging your customer base you let them have a share, and interest in the products or services they have helped design. As a customer, wouldn’t you rather refer a business that listens to your input? I would and I bet you would, because that business feels like a two-way relationship.

Product or service refinement
"Would you prefer a haircut and a wash or a haircut and manicure?" - has the potential to shape a great combo service for a hair salon if the survey data indicate a clear winner. Examples can go on and on. The key point is that you don’t have to do it blindly. Or, get actionable marketing intelligence long after it is of any use.

At Alphatech the Survey feature is part of the Premium package by default along. Along with everything else that you might need!


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