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Feeling different, being different; image via pixabay.com

We do wonder sometimes if we shouldn’t open a haute couture phone case manufacturing line. From what we saw out there (i.e. on the wild wide net) we simply couldn’t get wrong no matter how wacky our ideas are. Wouldn’t it be nice to able to offer matching apps and cases? How meta that would be?

While management is taking our petition in consideration here is what our market analysis department has unearthed. Being professionals, they have grouped them by gender. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen: the top 5 cases or women that want to be at the epicenter of attention in public places (even in private, for that matter):

1. SelfieBrush - iPhone brush case

Yes, you heard me. Designed to blend "technology and beauty together in a snap", this case will make you instantly the center of attention the moment you phone rings. After all there are not many ladies out there talking to their hairbrushes.

On a scale of 1 to 10 - where 10 means all the eyes around you are riveted to you - you get a 10 if you have really short hair and still choose to brush it while talking in public to your friend on the phone. Of course, there are many other possibilities we haven’t considered.

You can get a SelfieBrush by following the link; comes in Pink, Purple and Black. Enjoy!
P.S. Don’t forget to read the Caution note (see image below).

SelfieBrush advantages and the important Caution note, screenshot from selfiebrush.com

2. Silver Metal Stud iPhone case - made for your back pocket

A handmade piece, shipped all the way from Hong Kong to snuggle directly into your back pocket. Take it out anywhere and you will amaze everyone!

As you can see from the image below the name is far too long (but, hey!, shouldn’t titles be informative?!), but the image is the perfection itself. Part of a larger BlingBlingCase haute couture collection, this case can boast among its numerous advantages:

  • Pro Cleanliness: can you find a better solution to protect your iPhone "from dust, fingerprints and scratches in your daily use time"? Right?
  • Easy insert and remove: what can be better than the ability to "insert and remove your phone"? Perhaps, the manufacturer should have provided just the tiniest amount of explanation here... just to avoid misunderstanding and unnecessary lawsuits...
  • Access to ALL keypad/button and slot: People unfamiliar with daily smartphone usage might think this an unimportant feature; we strongly disagree. We applaud this innovative feature - it does make a difference!

Shiny metal spike hard case, screenshot from luula.com

We are sure there are many other hidden advantages we haven’t even thought about. If you happen to have one in your back pocket right now bring us up to date, please.

3. Bathynomus giganteus iPhone case - passion for animal life

There are a lot of animal lovers out there, but - as is common in life - some animal lovers get a disproportional amount of attention. Cats, dogs, rabbits, owls cannot be allowed to cower girls that love... isopods, for instance. You don’t know what isopods are? Precisely! How can you appreciate these lovely creatures if no one shows them to you? The Giant Isopod iPhone 5/5s Case was especially designed to for all of you ladies that simply cannot imagine a world without isopods.

Giant Isopod iPhone 5/5s Case, via japantrendshop.com
Giant Isopod iPhone 5/5s Case, via japantrendshop.com

Is your girlfriend, wife or mother a sensitive person with a passion for nature? The perfect gift. What’s best: it is sold out; that makes it a collector’s item and much more rare! Having her holding your hand while talking on the phone will the talk of the town.

4. iPhone Mashup Shoe - exquisite postmodern taste

Created by Alan Nguyen to help ladies with purses to small to hold their phones, the iPhone mashup shoe is a dream-come-true fusion art, fashion, and product design with 3D printing. Another very very limited edition that you can wear to impress everyone around you.

iPhone Mashup Shoe, designed by Alan Nguyen

Works perfectly in any public venue, be it transportation, classroom or coffeeshop. The moment it rings and you have to answer it you will have the chance to display to your advantage all those hours of doing yoga.

5. Dokkiri iPhone 4 Hand Case - for sensible yet pragmatic persons

We are not sure we can do full justice to this undeniably genius design of the Dokkiri iPhone hand case. In a world increasingly devoid of that personal, human touch this comes as the perfect solution for too many problems to enumerate here.

Most importantly it connects you to your organic inner self and makes you truly authentic in an age of surrogates.

Dokkiri iPhone 4 Hand Case
Dokkiri iPhone 4 Hand Case

In your purse, your back (or front) pocket or (especially) on your office table, this case will ensure that everyone stares at you with admiration and jealousy. Your brain will forever be grateful to you for associating the local bank calling to remind you are running late on payments with a warm feeling of someone holding your hand.

Do you have a highly creative phone case we haven’t heard about? Let us know! We hope to come soon with the top 5 cases every male should crave...


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