AlphaAccess Residential App

Using the technology developed for our mobile app business products, we have developed a unique and patent pending technology to speed up and simplify visitor and contractors access to gated communities while improving security functions and tracking.

E-Mails invitations

E-Mails invitations to guest and Guard House and HOA Management

Event feature

Integrated with the community Website Event feature

Graphical Community Maps

Graphical Community Maps

HOA Residents registration

Allow residents to add, modify or remove Temporary or Permanent Guest, controlling their vendors and contractors access.

Online reporting and administration system

Online reporting and administration system

Onscreen Directions

Onscreen Directions (on Resident App)

Push notification

Push notification service to all residents and to individual residents.

QR Code

Security guard module to scan invited guest QR Code.

Residents invitation system

Residents invitation system for temporary guest, permanent guest and contractors

Update contact information

Residents can access and modify their information using the Residents App on the system

Update guest / vendor list

Residents can update their guest / vendor list remotely using the Resident App.

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